Lollar Jazzbass Pickup Set 4 string

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Lollar Jazzbass Pickup Set 4 string

This set of two Lollar Jazz bass pickups include a matched 4 string neck and bridge pair. This series of pickups are hand made and have been designed to produce a wonderfully musical and creative character that makes them a perfect choice as an upgrade to a high end replacement set of bass pickups. If you need any fitting or installation / specification advice, please just contact us to have a chat to our workshop.

This is what the guys at Lollar have to say about this set of Jazz Bass pickups - Featuring vintage output and scatterwound coils for superior tone, the Lollar Jazz Bass style neck pickup offers a full, clear sound. We use RWRP technique for humbucking when combined with the bridge pickup. Wax potted and made with Alnico 5 magnets.

DC: 4-String Neck 7.9k
DC: 4-String Bridge 8.5k

Brand: lollar
Condition: New