Bare Knuckle Boot Camp True Grit P90 Set Black

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Bare Knuckle Boot Camp True Grit P90 Set Black

Bare Knuckle Boot Camp True Grit P90 set in Black

Warm and clear, full of dynamics and packed with a tonne of tonal variety, the P90 True Grit really covers alot of bases. One of our favourite Boot Camp pickups.

True Grit
The Bare Knuckle True Grit pickups have a great variety of tones that go from bell like cleans to high gain with no problem. If you are looking for more oomph than a PAF level pickup but dont want to head into oodles of saturation, the True Grit pickups sit very well somewhere in the middle. Meaty but full of clarity across the strings. Great all rounders.

This pickup is a direct drop in for most P90 setups. You can also get them individually if you felt like mixing it up a bit with some Brute Force or Old Guard versions.

Options: Black or Cream covers.

Bare Knuckle Pickups
Bare Knuckle pickups are loved by players all over the world in all styles of guitar, not just for their build and tonal quality, but for their knowledge and understanding of the synergy between pickup, guitar and player.
Used but the likes of Misha Mansoor, Adam Christianson, Steve Stevens, Neil Fallon and many many more players across the guitar world!

All Bare Knuckle pickups are hand wound in the UK and come with a lifetime warranty for the original buyer.

Brand: Bare Knuckle
Condition: New